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Painting of walls, ceilings and floors

Are you looking to repaint your walls with a fresh new paint? Or may be you will be moving out and looking for a professional painter to paint your apartment? No problem, all can be taken care of. We offer professional painting services for your apartment, house or office space inside and outside, with a beautiful and lasting result.

Plastering of walls and ceilings

This is the process of covering rough walls and uneven surfaces in the construction of apartments, houses and other structures. This is a very important stage of the process that can be done by hand or with a machine. To be able to obtain perfect finish after applying the paint the plastering of the surface is the key factor.

Wallpaper removal

we make sure no harmful substances are left over on your walls or the air in the space.

Carpentry services

Our carpentry services specialize in a wide range of home projects and installations. We customize every project to fit your specific needs and vision.
One of our specialties is interior and exterior door, floor, kitchen shelf and terrace wooden installation and replacement.


House Cleaning

We have separate specialized team in  Home cleaning/ house cleaning . We offer Professional Cleaning Services with a smile and visible difference!!

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